17 January 2008

Huers In Media: Katie Couric

Full disclosure: I can't stand Couric at all. I didn't like her on the Today show, and, while I've never actually seen her in her latest gig as CBS Evening News anchor, it doesn't surprise me that the news program's ratings have taken a well-documented slide. I don't find her personality to be a good fit for that of an evening news anchor.

Anyway, somebody from CBS leaked this tape of behind-the-scenes coverage of Couric's January 8th coverage of the New Hampsire primaries. This is long, but there are some good bits in here, including Katie drinking from a coffee mug roughly the size of her head, and her screaming, "Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" CBS should just make this their news show. At least this is remotely worth watching.

From Huffington Post, via My Damn Channel


MMP said...

This blog sucks.

Gordon Bombay said...

Harry Shearer does the intro and we don't get any Kent Brockman?

"I guess you could say, this hardly qualifies as newsanchoring."