09 March 2008

So 18% Of Voting Ohio Is Racist ?

Y! News points to exit polls from the Ohio primary that suggests that strong black support from Obama in that state may have turned Whitey the other way (emphasis mine):

Ronald Walters, a University of Maryland political scientist who tracks racial trends and is writing a book on Obama, thinks Obama's strong support from blacks made it easier for some whites in Ohio and Texas to vote for Clinton.

"There's some of that," Walters said in an interview. He pointed to exit polls from Ohio, where 62 percent of all whites lack college degrees and many are anxious about their jobs in a weak economy.

"This is a racially sensitive group," he said, referring specifically to whites who earn less than $50,000 a year and did not attend college.

"They are the quintessential Reagan Democrats," he said. "They feel they've been left" and their resentment can have social and racial overtones.

Ohio exit polls support Walters' view. Eighteen percent of white Ohio voters said race was an important factor in their decision, and of that group, three in four voted for Clinton.

So one in four potential white supremacists voted for Obama? How's that now?

And all those black people that voted for Obama? They weren't being racist; they're just well-educated advocates for hope and change. Remember that controversial phone ad that Hillary started running a couple weeks ago? It should have just been scrolling text that read,"Hillary. The Other White Meat."

[Yahoo! News]

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