17 March 2008

Tarkenton to Tiger: Keep It Real

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and expert of African-American sociology Fran Tarkenton said on his blog that he expects Tiger Woods to endorse Barack Obama for the presidency(emphasis mine, as always).

Tiger has never, in my memory, endorsed any political candidate or taken any strong political stand. Sometimes people have even criticized him for that. I certainly haven’t. I think he’s done everything right.

But I’m going to share with you that I think that very soon, in this historic year of politics in America, Tiger Woods will come out with a strong endorsement of Barack Obama. And I think it would be the right thing for him to do.

The right thing to do? Really? Why is that, Francis?

It is an historic time – a young black man running for President of the United States of America, with a very good chance to win. And here is an icon of sports who happens to be black, [that would be] endorsing that candidate.

Opra [sic] Winfrey had never supported another candidate publicly before, and she’s come out, as she should. And I just believe that the two of these tremendous men, Barack Obama and Tiger Woods should join forces, and my prediction is that Tiger, in the next few weeks or months, will come out with a strong endorsement of Barack. Watch for it.

This isn't gonna happen. First of all, Tiger Woods isn't black, he's Cablinasian. Secondly, even if he was black, who gives a shit? Does Opra? Tiger certainly doesn't put any stock in that sort of thing. He named his daughter after the fat hobbit in Lord of the Rings, for fuck's sake.

Nike athletes wouldn't endorse so much as a cup of chocolate milk, they're so allergic to controversy. More to the point, it costs them money. Most of us have no problem when Tiger tells us what to shave with or what shoes to buy, but who we vote for is none of his concern, just as his vote is none of ours.

I wish somebody would hand that fucking memo to Elton John.

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