18 September 2008


Dilbert creator Scott Adams commissioned a survey of 500 economists to field their opinions on the two main candidates in the presidential election. Adams wanted advice from members of the American Economic Association on whether McCain or Obama would be better suited for addressing the issues that affect this great land. Adams unveiled the results on his blog, and on CNN.com:

This summer I found myself wishing someone would give voters useful and unbiased information about which candidate has the best plans for the economy.

Then I realized that I am someone, which is both inconvenient and expensive. So for once I asked not what my country could do for me.

Now you have to stay awake for this part, because this is where the numbers come in:

When asked which candidate for President would be best for the economy in the long run, not surprisingly, 88% of Democratic economists think Obama would be best, while 80% of Republican economists pick McCain.

Independent economists, who in this sample are largely from the academic world, lean toward Obama by 46% compared to 39% for McCain. Overall, 59% of the economists say Obama would be best for the economy long term, with 31% picking McCain, and 8% saying there would be no difference.

How does Adams himself lean politically?

On social issues, I lean Libertarian, minus the crazy stuff.

I can't support a candidate who promises to tax the bejeezus out of my bracket,
give the windfall to a bunch of clowns with a 14 percent approval rating
(Congress), and hope they spend it wisely.

Unfortunately, the
alternative to the guy who promises to pillage my wallet is a lukewarm cadaver.
I'm in trouble either way.

I just hope whoever gets elected notices that
the economists in my survey don't think that raising my taxes is a priority.

Hear, hear. You know what's a priority with me? Free whores. Seriously, the first candidate to go pro-whore won't be able to pack his bags for Washington fast enough.

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