22 January 2008

What Do Fred Thompson And Heath Ledger Have In Common?

Neither one will be president in 2008.

Thompson, 65, officially withdrew himself from consideration after he finished third in the SC primaries, behind McCain and Huckabee, over the weekend. Coupled with Romney prevailing in NV, the writing for Thompson was pretty much on the wall.

Thompson, the former Tennessee senator who most of us recognize from Law & Order, got a late start in the game and never did anything to make up for it, despite being an early favorite in a wide-open field.

Deadspin's own Camp Tiger Claw and I had this discussion regarding Thompson's withdrawal:

CAMP TIGER CLAW: Thanks for playing Fred Tompson
what the hell was the point of all that?
MMP: ??
CAMP TIGER CLAW: Fred Thompson dropped out
MMP: oh, his campaign
CAMP TIGER CLAW: that was the worst fucking campaign i've ever seen
MMP: yeah, now he gets to keep his campaign money
it was 100% half-assed
4:02 PM CAMP TIGER CLAW: ridiculous
4:03 PM how the fuck do you get that kind of buzz and not even pull out a second place with this terrible group or republicans
4:04 PM MMP: because he couldn't separate himself from the field
what's worse
thompson shitting himself
someone like Kucinich, who never has any shot of doing anything and yet still runs year after year
by far
Kucinich brings something to the dialogue
4:05 PM people like Kucinich and Ron Paul are totally essential to a system that refuses to move past two parties
Thompson just comes off as having had nothing to say at all... which again, is incredible when you look at this group of candidates
4:06 PM MMP: yeah, but I think more than anything, he was pushed in by people that had money
he didn't really give a shit
CAMP TIGER CLAW: well jesus... thank god no one fell for it if that's the case
4:07 PM MMP: I think that was the issue
he just kinda wandered in
I think if, once the primaries are over, and the field gets down to 2
and Bloomberg wanders in
I think that might shake some shit up
4:08 PM CAMP TIGER CLAW: Bloomberg is going to get almost all of his support from left leaning independents
which would kill obama
THe republicans should pray that Bloomberg gets in
4:09 PM he's really socially liberal... wouldn't steal too many of their votes
MMP: yeah, that's why the media wants his nuts
4:10 PM CAMP TIGER CLAW: oh you're not one of those "damn the liberal media" types are you
4:11 PM MMP: It's just like in sports
everyone has a bias
4:12 PM so, yeah, to a point. anytime I hear about what a horrible person so-and-so is, I have to stop and look for evidence
CAMP TIGER CLAW: well yeah... the media is pretty reprehensible when it comes to political coverage
but the fact that they're left leaning is an old wives tale
they're equal opportunity idiots
4:13 PM MMP: they are
I think 9/11 threw their ethos out of whack though
isolationist thinking doesn't really work when foreigners are blowing up your shit
4:14 PM fox news, for all its bullshit, does bring a balance to the debate
CAMP TIGER CLAW: the media was completely complicit in the war, though. not isolationist at all.
never have so few questions been raised about such a huge policy decision
4:15 PM yeah, but that's an indictment of all sides. that for balance to be brought in they have to have be full of shit
MMP: that's what I mean, it was a total shock to the establishment
4:16 PM and they went from rightfully questioning the poorest executive leader we've had since Carter to getting rah-rah about blowing up some towelheads
if you'll pardon the expression
CAMP TIGER CLAW: ah. i thought you meant they pleaded for isolationism during the lead up to the way
MMP: oh no
but you look at the USS Cole, the embassy bombings
those went virtually unchecked
that's partly why 9/11 was able to be conceived
because nobody was watching the areas of the world that weren't sending in campaign contributions
MMP: thanks

17 January 2008

Huers In Media: Katie Couric

Full disclosure: I can't stand Couric at all. I didn't like her on the Today show, and, while I've never actually seen her in her latest gig as CBS Evening News anchor, it doesn't surprise me that the news program's ratings have taken a well-documented slide. I don't find her personality to be a good fit for that of an evening news anchor.

Anyway, somebody from CBS leaked this tape of behind-the-scenes coverage of Couric's January 8th coverage of the New Hampsire primaries. This is long, but there are some good bits in here, including Katie drinking from a coffee mug roughly the size of her head, and her screaming, "Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" CBS should just make this their news show. At least this is remotely worth watching.

From Huffington Post, via My Damn Channel

16 January 2008

Guess What, F-gg-ts? I'm Not Out Of This B-tch Yet!

Don't think I couldn't hear you and your homosexual friends from behind the huge stack of lunch trays over there, "Oh, Mitt's finished. Poor Mitt, he'll never take a state, now. I guess Mitt's all washed up." Well, you and your illegal immigrant amigos can choke on this:


Holy fucking shit! I sure had a better night than Brad Renfro, that's for GOT-DAMN sure! I am a campaign artiste. Behold as I navagate my latest work with a palate of fiscal prudence and bigotry well-veiled as "family values."

Sweet fucking shit, I'm on top of the world!